About Me

Ms. Rosales and her two nieces. Ms. Rosales and her nephew

I grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago as the youngest child; I have an older brother. My parents both worked nights, my mom for DCFS and my dad for the IL State Police Department. My brother got married, and I am fortunate to be an aunt of 4, almost 5 kiddos. Upon graduation from college, I impulsively applied to work in Arizona and consequently accepted the position and moved out to Arizona the summer of 2014. My life is simple: my job, nieces, nephew, and kitty are my life.

I chose to attend college at Illinois State University because it was known for teaching. At Illinois State, I pursued Special Education Learning and Behavior, thus graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Letter of Approval in Early Childhood Education. This means that I am certified to teach children with disabilities ranging from age 3-21. Additionally, I am highly qualified to teach both elementary and middle school.

During college, I was fortunate to experience a variety of teaching settings. As a student teacher, I planned lessons and taught in 6-7th grade resource, K-2 resource, 9-12th Life Skills, and 9-12th Emotional Behavioral school. These experiences taught me the foundational skills needed to successfully monitor and collect data on student individual education plan (IEP) goals, create and successfully implement a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), and create measurable and obtainable IEP goals. Currently, I am on my second year of teaching at Desert Willow Elementary as the K-3 resource teacher.

It is my responsibility to help your child reach his or her full potential in Reading, Writing, or Math by creating individualized lessons and frequently monitoring IEP goals as well as adjusting the lessons to meet your child's needs. I believe that every parent, guardian, and teacher should set high expectations for their child or student.